Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My first attempt to blather until it melts your face.

Well unlike most people would do while starting a blog. I'm not going to tell you my life story about how I saved numerous kitties from trees and fought in the war in Afghanistan, and fed the ravenous people in Haiti . I will simply start with today, the present is the best I suppose. Today like any other day I went to school, I am a Junior at Weber High school. I would more than love to be graduating this year, but I'm not. I'm taking psychology and I have it for my first period class. Well I'm not so great at going to bed early and getting a good nights rest. I choose to schedule my dates with my pillows late into the night. I can't honestly stay up in that class. I'll do the whole, (I'm sitting up, but my head is slightly falling off from the front) usually teachers don't notice this until they see you from the side view. Yeah, well I woke up to a nice kick to my desk to wake me up. As I see the nice puddle of drool resting on my paper. I have math and history next, but there is nothing interesting about those classes. Oh wait, hahaha I have a story to share. Me and my friend Ryan sit next to each other, usually bored out of our minds since the teacher customarily just gives us movies to watch. There is this peculiar weird kid named Jedd Hull. He has always been kind of the outcast from everyone. He gets dejected a lot, but he could totally change that if he would act a little more conventional. Sitting in the dark, Ryan starts drawing the outline of a penis. haha What else could I do I mean. What would you do in that situation. I turned it into a shark. So it was practically a penis shark. Anyways we wanted to just randomly throw it at someone hoping they would look at it. It would be good for a laugh. I pick it up and launched it as hard as I could sadly it didn't quite reach Jedd's desk. Ryan went to get it, but as he walked back with it, he turned around and he tossed it and it landed on his desk. Jedd slowly opens the crinkled up paper and looks at it very concerned. He turned around, scanning the class for people who had thrown it into his possession. I had buried my head into my jacket because I was laughing sooo hard. What a good occasion it was. Lunch time is always an interesting event, you see, I have this African American girl who will honestly NOT leave me alone. She follows me and when I'm not there, she looks for me. She'll randomly give me money without me asking for it. She is giving off the ora that she wants my nuts, quite literally. I could get into many more times she has frightened me but I won't. After school today, I went to the DLD to get my drivers license. Which i did, I ruined a lot of it because I can't parallel park very well. Who parallel parks in Utah anyway right. This was my second attempt to pass the test. I'm lucky the guy was very layed back. It was a Tuesday today, which means puff daddy comes and gets Jason and I. Unfortunately and fortunately Jason got a job, so he doesn't get to go anymore. :/ He works at this place called Edge. All I know is that He puts the fancy stickers on the bike rims. Later after I had gotten home I had come to the kitchen to find a nice surprise waiting for me on the fridge. Real funny mom, she had put up a picture of a guy with about 20 piercings on his face. She is trying to mock me or "get back" at me. She'll deny it, but she is. I have snake bites, which are two piercings, one on each side of your lip. She absolutely hates them, but I like them. I ignored her the rest of the night, to make the point that she offended me. I went and watched the movie Team America. Which is hilarious, but its not for the kindhearted, or the people who hate crude movies. Also I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto 4, which is nice. I can do whatever I want in that game, it's nice to take my anger out on. Jason and I went to Smith's to go get food for him to eat when he is on lunch break at work. I saw Scott there, and said hi like a normal person would. All I got was scuzzed off, and silence. You think he'd have the decency of at least saying hi, right? (ex boyfriend) Well anyways I could talk about my boyfriend Garrick. I'll save that for another day though.